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last modified 2004-07-12 by jon

Chat Demo Login

Enter a username of your choice in the form below to use the demo. The password is 'brainfart'


Additional Info

A great way to see the chat in action is to have two separate instances of it running at the same time. In some browsers (i.e. Mozilla, Opera), all windows/tabs run as the same process, so you will need to have two different browsers open in order to be logged in as two unique users from the same machine. In Internet Explorer, you can normally launch separate instances of the browser by clicking on a shortcut to IE (on your start menu, desktop, etc.) multiple times.


If you have tested jenChat on any other browsers/platforms, please let me know if/how it worked.

Mozilla 0.6+ includes Netscape 6+, Phoenix, Firebird, Firefox, and just about any Gecko-based browser.

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